Sunday, April 22, 2007

Covered in Haze

A tribute to the Parnassus club from its fearless leader. Enjoy...

Bathed in smoke that fills the room,
we sit and revel in words and fumes.
Of glories and loves, battles and deeds,
dreams and choices, for us to read.
Men still yet remembered, for words not yet lost,
who are we to consider, such magnificent thoughts.

Here we sit, the best three strong.
We sit long, strong, and proud
to listen, babble, and discuss
the best of ideas and laud.
Women cross our thoughts
from time to time in shrowds,
covered in a thick blue/grey haze,
given off in whispy clouds.

So if you think you merrit,
to become one of the few,
Look for a dusky, dim lit library,
for there do we sit and muse.



weswise said...

I enjoyed it. I'm not sure who this is, I came across this on Justin's page.

The wanderer A said...

Hey thanks Wes, I wrote this in honor of Parnassus club. It's not great but then again, I never was the poet of the group.

weswise said...

Yeah it just reminds me of my friends and I, we get together (during school year) on Friday nights and read and discuss a C. S. Lewis essay and talk about philosophy, theology, whatever, and sometimes enjoy a smoke outside- I went down to Moscow once with Justin, and I liked the culture there a lot more than here (Boise).

The wanderer A said...

Yea, Moscow is nice. I miss having Justin around though, he is a cool guy.