Friday, April 27, 2007

The Dream

I dreamt last night, of things unseen, and the future that still could come,
if I act accordingly, in being so loyaly, true to the mojo law,
Or was it a fancy, a whim, a dream that is what I had saw
I woke to morning, and looked up deploring, the sun which anguished me some.

See it had ruined my dream, by shortening the thing, of which I did so desire,
to return to my bed, and in so forget, about the to do's that had encumbered,
and at the thought of returning, to my bed and confirming, all that I feared,
See if I returned to sleep, in such hopes of repeat, I would fail in that too acquire.

So wake I did, for hopes that it may rid, my memory of such optimistic thought,
for how coud it be, that she might return to me, to mend the broken shards,
or will she return, to spit on and burn, the pieces till left blackened and charred,
So tell me truely, does this dream fool me, into a hope in which I should not be caught!

-Knight-errant A

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