Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the nectar of life and the saints that serve it

The greatness that is coffee shops.
I've come to realize that my love of Moscow is almost completely and solely based around its coffee shops. I mean what else could it be? The weather is complete crap 5-6 months out of the year, half the time at nights it smells like all the cows were fed something that didn't sit particularly well and they decided to give our nostrils a preview of it. U of I while not completely horrible is also nothing special. I can't complain about my living circumstances, but you can get a sweet place anywhere. I have a good group of friends, but that is balanced out by the existence of worst greek system, most annoying hicks, and all around retarded drunk people. I would say something about the women situation or lack there of but I feel that the suggestion of such would have repricussions that I don't want to deal with; so, I will restrain myself. Also, the choices for entertainment or culinary diversity are at a rather pathetic low. The only things left are the coffee shops. I am of the personal opinion that God's gift to Moscow to keep the few like me sane is Moscow's coffee shops. You know a town has done something right if they have four different types of coffee shops in a two block stretch (all of which are serving the nectar of life as the name would suggest) and not one of them is Starbucks. No matter what type of coffee you want or what type of atmosphere you want to drink it in, Moscow has you covered. So for this, I give chops to Moscow and its havens of happiness.... well done!

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