Sunday, July 15, 2007

Join the band wagon

So, I just saw the picture of Michael on her brother's blog for the second time and I came to a realization. If my brother ever posted a picture of such moment of me on a highly read blog, I would kill him. Also, my brother is bigger than Michael's brother. I mean one of those good fimilial poundings would be completely in order. I just hope that if Michael does it, she videotapes it. Maybe she could hire Graeme to do it (or at least to edit and put incubus music to the video). Apparently he has been doing push ups and though his past boxing ventures were far from glorious, I still think he would beat his older brother. Anyways, if anyone agrees with me, we could start a petition....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Painting, however boring, tedious, and all together useless it may be, is a great activity. It is like taking a bath, sm0king a cigar by yourself, or any other activity that leaves you with only your own thoughts. All you do is sit and think and not about the painting (at least that is the hope). Today, while painting, I was able to remenisce on how hard it is to turn the other cheek or return harsh words with kindness. It is all to easy to snap back at someone, even ones you care for. The reality of the matter is that it usually isn't even you that the person is really "snapping" at in the first place. Something my mom always use to say really struck true to me. "What goes in is what comes out". Now not to say that meaness goes in, but if as christians we aren't carefull then some might sneak in on its own. Just a reminder to me the constant need to stay grounded in the word and prayer. Well, that's all folks.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A pat on the back

This is not of much consequence but one should always give props where they are due. This one goes on to Bom. I just realized today that he posts as often if not more so than anyone I know. Being that I usually enjoy his blog also, I can tell that he puts at least some time into it. If all that is not enough for a pat and a "well done", he does this all without his own computer. But this begs a question, "Whose computer does he use?" It is a mystery.....on that note, I won't lose any sleep over it but all that just to say props Tanks!