Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Currently occupying my jumbled brain

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post, in fact it has been a while since I have been up to date on any blogs at all. But with pipe in hand and a copious amount of smoke exuding from the bowl, I find it is a perfect time to remedy such areas in which I am remiss. Moscow's winter is still reluctant to give up the ghost in mid-April with freak snow drifts followed shortly after or accompanied with the bright shining sun. Normally, I might find this disturbing but other than it hindering the possibilities of me changing my skin tone, I am finding it a good compliment to sitting in my favorite coffee shop and trying to get work done. School is going fair, although I find my classes to be for the most part of little to zero use for anything and I am welcoming the fast approaching summer. God willing I will be able to find a construction job for the summer. There is something sublimely satisfying about construction work. The very evident proof of what your days labor has produced is a great sensation. Also, there is few times that a man's body rests so well as when it is so bone tired from a long day of building. The thought of being in the quiet of Moscow during the summer also holds much solace for my thoughts. Many cigars and bowls will be smoked to thought, study, and reading hopefully all of which will end with my overall betterment (although maybe not of my lungs). As for any more long term business plans or relationship possibilities, nothing has of yet shown itself but I keep a wary eye on the horizon. I find myself strumming the old six string with more regularity and even trying to dabble my hand in the land of lyrics now and again. With my trusty accomplice Danny, it might even produce a few songs with some decent leads. Of late, I also find myself in the lands of theology and escatology because there is no time like the present to try to figure out mine. This does provide the very real benefit of me investing a greater portion of my time in God's word, though it has also proved the saying that, "The more you know, the more you realize you don't know".
Well, that should catch up anyone interested and since it has been far too long since I have tried my hand at poetry, here goes nothing.

Black fingers show a true proof
of hours spent with mind aloof.
Hours spent in tumultuous thought
of things unknown and memories caught.
In the end on inspection of lungs
I hope this is what is sung.
Here was a man among men.
Here is a man who loved.
Here is a man not one in ten
but in a million accrued,
none could replace this one!