Monday, December 1, 2008

on the absense of coherence

I try to think, I try to write but words come and go, flowing as sand washed from ocean shoreline.
My mind tries to focus,hold on to a thought; catching the wind would be easier than cornering a thought. All my thoughts are a wash, not one word coming coherently after another, just ideas flowing in and out, to and fro. Just as one seems to solidify on inspection it slips away only to be replaced by another. Maybe not so much replaced as tied to another, which leads to yet another. A never ending train of thought, like a timeline without structure. Not neat, not compartmentalized ready for easy access and available at the first instinct of need. No, rather always on the top of the tongue but never leaving the mouth, ready to be uttered if only your scope was just a little wider to encompase the whole of the thought or the amount of vocabulary needed to include that one word which is proper for the moment. But maybe that is it, is just a moment and not the correct moment, not the proper moment for you to utter your two cents into the public arena of spoken thought. But so it is and the moment is passed to be replaced by the next and opportunity will be given again for the grasping of thought to be changed into utterance which understanding of the communication relies on the coherence and structure of the thought being presented. The thought which would be made that much more clear provided the proper word or even better, wording.

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