Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Poetry

In a discussion earlier today, my girlfriend, in relating a previous conversation, mentioned how nobody reads poetry anymore. At the time, I was content to just say that though as an overall generalization this statement may be coming closer to a reality at the present is not true. There are still some out there who read, appreciate, and even try their hand a bit at poetry. But what a sad thought it is to think that poetry is a seemingly dieing art and good poetry really not even published. The closest thing we get to poetry in today's society is song lyrics and most of those can hardly be justified as poetry, much less good poetry. What happened to the Kiplings, the Byrons, the Shakespeares, the Poes of this world? It is a dreary day to think that our culture is degenerated to the point that people today would rather watch mindless television than read something worthwhile. I would dare to say that many people don't even realize the joy of good poetry, that it is even out there and if they heard it, I wonder if they would even recognize it as a form of written excellence and/or enjoy it. It is a dark day if poetry has left the hearts and tongues of man. The form of eloquent speech and well thought lines is great to behold. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I am sure if those words were to be spoken than they would be in the form of poetry.

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